Villa Yaringa - Dining


Dining at Villa Yaringa is an excellent chance to explore the palate-pleasing flavours of Thai cuisine, with the talented villa chef leading the way.  Food is such a deep-rooted, central part of life in Thailand that a common greeting is not so much “How are you?” but rather “Have you eaten yet?” Opening the villa menu, then, is to take the first few steps of a journey into the heart of Thai culture.

The menu offers a tantalising choice of Thai cuisine that can be tailored to suit your group’s tastes and dietary requirements.  Dishes are usually shared, allowing everyone try a variety of flavours such as fiery tom yum prawn soup, a rich and many-textured gai pad med ma-muang (chicken stirfry with cashew nut and chili), or a fresh and spicy yum som-o (pomelo salad), just to name a few.  Selections of Asian and Western dishes are also available, as well as a choice of wine, beer and other drinks.

Groceries are charged at market price plus a 20% handling fee and a government tax, with a minimum shopping fee of THB 750.  Guests are requested to provide grocery money in advance, and the staff will do the shopping and keep the receipts for reference.  To ensure the chef has ample time to prepare, guests are encouraged to plan meals at least a day in advance.

Villa Yaringa - Dining
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